Thursday, March 30, 2006

S4C TV Programme Cwmni Da

Obviously this article only applies to those out there based in Wales!
Interesting point though so thought I'd share the news with everyone!
This S4C childrens programme actually takes children to alledgedly haunted locations and films them visiting and investigating the site
They are given "ghost busting" kits that contain EMF metres, infra-red thermometers etc. and are asked to log their findings, including their personal experiences.
They visited Vaynol Park, Bangor, one of our event venues.
Their findings are not my point of interest. The research for the programme was supported by Haunting Breaks and I must say it was incredible to have my personal experiences and sightings created visually before me via their artistic interpretation!
Well done to all the team. Also a plus to see the issue of investigating paranormal phenomena being aired on mainstream children's television - education at its best!
Watch out for the next programme, also supported by Haunting Breaks- Maesmawr Hall (another of our event venues)

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