Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Two psychics in a kitchen!

Friday 25th March Bodelwyddan Castle

Too many psychics spoil the atmosphere?
I think not!!
During an investigation held last Friday we were really amazed at photographic evidence studied after a particular moment.
Whilst two psychics, on the Haunting Break's team, were sitting in the kitchen/cafe area of Bodelwyddan Castle they started to feel stranger than usual.
Whilst one of them left the room due to the sudden oppressive atmosphere, the other began to feel very uneasy and experienced a tingling sensation down her right side. Although she could not see anything the experience left her feeling extremely sick.
It was only whilst looking through photographs later that the team noticed a huge orb on the back of the door used by the first psychic and a more sinister shaped orb on the back of a chair, situated to the right of the other psychic.
Will post the photograph ASAP and look forward to any comments!
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