Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Superstition dressed up as cynicism

Just had to mention this.
Deborah Orr, The Independent newspaper columnist has recently written a piece on "Dowsing" and briefly discusses the use of this ancient art by giant corporate bodies. Apparantly, some of their staff, unoffically, of course, prefer this method to using the "hi-tech" equipment dutifully supplied for them!
"Good for them" I scream!
She closes the article with "I'm all for science. But surely any intellectual discipline that prefers to deny what it can't explain is guilty of exactly the kind of closed-minded superstition that it claims to abhor?"
I totally agree with this statement and ask" isn't it time we made use of the ancient arts in this modern world we inhabit or is it better to keep spending thousands upon thousands of pounds on useless so-called hi-tech gadgets that become obselete overnight?"
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