Friday, February 04, 2005

Vaynol Estate

Just returned from a visit to the above estate based in North Wales.
As a rule our psychics visit a potential venue to check whether the site is suitable to conduct a paranormal investigation in.
They then produce a psychic's report that is posted on the web so that our guests may learn a little of the psychic history of the place before deciding to join us.
This park is an extremely interesting location, in that it appears to have remained in a past time.
Although the park and The new Hall are occupied by people busying themselves around art and craft and other business, a brief walk through the grounds towards the empty Old Hall sets the heart fluttering with anticipation.
This Old Hall remains one of the few Tudor houses that stands untouched. Although time has obviously ravaged both the interior and exterior, careful restoration allows safe entrance.
My partner and I met with a park representative and he wasted no time at all in proudly showing off this wonderful building and adjoining chapel and gardens.
I cannot find the words to describe the impact that the atmosphere had on my psyche. It's wonderfully busy with activity that layers back and back to the 15th century.
I described my sightings as we toured the buildings and ground and was astonished at David's reaction. On more than one occassion I thought he was going to faint, particularly in the back ground floor room of the Old Hall.
He asked if I could sense or see anything in this room. I thought before answering and although aware of what I was seeing, felt reluctant to share that image with him.
I have felt like this on previous investigations and always end by telling myself that I should not try to apply logic or reasoned thinking to what appears before my eyes.
After a brief moment I said that I could see a sort of table or plinth that supported a coffin.
He appeared shocked and after composing himself, told me that he had been working in this room with a collegue some time before. The collegue had said that if he closed his eyes he could sense a box on top of a table with a woman and children in the far corner of the room that appeared to be crying. There were several gentlemen surrounding the box.
We moved towards another ground floor room and I clearly saw a woman dressed in black enter the room before us. She came to rest at a far window and gazed, almost longingly, through the window towards the private chapel.
After describing this to David he mentioned that a collegue of his, whilst walking past the house, had seen a woman in black staring out of the window. This had taken place some years before.
We both smelled smoke at the same time in this same room and I described a gentleman who had entered through the main door. His energy was so strong that I had to move back, quite suddenly.
The strange thing is that David moved at the same time. When I asked him why he had moved he didn't really know. Maybe David has latent psychic gifts!
I thought that I would jot this down incase anyone who has visited this estate has any other experiences to comment on.

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