Friday, February 04, 2005

Right-Brained or Left-Brained Thinking

My personal psychic experiences have led to a life long interest and study of religion and alternative practices.
One of the topics that I have touched apon, during this time, is that of the above.
The Brain Dominance Theory was initiated by the Nobel Prize winner, Roger Sperry.
He found evidence to suggest that the left half of the brain tends to function by processing information in a rational, analytical, logical manner, whilst the right achieves intuitive insights by integrating and synthesising information and recognising relationships.
This research was further enhanced by Ned Hermann, the former manager of management education at General Electric's Management Development Institute. Herman developed a brain-dominance profile instrument to assess the manner in which people use their brains.
The research confirmed that generally people in various professions tend to be either right or left-brain oriented. Managers, tend to be left brained dominant, focusing on structuring, organising and controlling situations. Social workers tend generally to be right-brained dominant, using their emotions to achieve insight into particular situations.
I intend to expand on the above and link the subject matter into what we offer at Haunting Breaks.
Watch this space!
Ok I'm back for now and will try to pick up where I left off!
My working life has seen me manage people and particular departments for more than 30 years.
In that time I have experienced a diverse amount of training methods and practices.
One area that I have been particularly interested in, is that of quality.
The quality area covers a broad range of concepts, tools and techniques.
Some of these lie in the left-brained arena, such as, statistical analysis, organising, project planning and management. Other areas lie in the right-brain, in that they are concerned with intuitive concepts, team creation, formation and relationship diagrams for problem solving.
This broad range of concepts and approaches results in disputes between quality professionals.
It is my opinion that a balanced approach is the best. With this we find that we can combine a process that values order and systematic steps in developing a solution to a problem with that of for example, employees brainstorming and identifying existing problems. This not only allows answers to problems but also motivates the staff that are performing the task.
This "balanced" approach requires that management use their "whole brain".
This means that one is required to allow "others" thinking processes to take place.
A team will probabaly be made up of left-brain dominant and right-brain dominant individuals.
I believe it a fact that the most successful are those quality professionals who are aware of their own brain dominance and strive to harness both sides of the brain's thinking processes.
Haunting Breaks currently provide courses on Crystal Healing and Psychic Awareness. Within these courses we attempt to share techniques for encouraging the use of an alternative side of the brain.
Haunting Breaks have also found that corporate bodies that join us for a paranormal investigation also benefit from these techniques as we use some of them before a paranormal investigation, just to encourage people to "chill out"!

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