Thursday, February 24, 2005

Orbs captured during investigations

There are a number of light anomolies seen in this frame. A particular note of interest is that this picture was taken during the moment when several people inside this room were experiencing a "strange" heavy feeling. To quote them they felt as though "there was a strong presence". The orbs above the pool table are very clear and colourful. Taken at "The Manor House" by Haunting Breaks
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Anonymous said...

i have a feeling that these orbs are showing that there is three/four men in that room

Elizabet said...

That's interesting anonymous!

The psychics present during this investigation commented on all male presences!
One actually linked to a gentleman named "Robert" who's presence was extremely strong.
Having watched May 24th edition of "Most Haunted" I noticed that David Wells comments on the same name and presence!

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