Thursday, February 24, 2005

Orbs captured during investigations

Taken during a Haunting Breaks investigation at The Manor House, another "Most Haunted" investigation! This frame was taken seconds after the psychic commented on the fact that there was a presence sitting in the window box just underneath the orb.
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Anonymous said...

I recently stayed at the manor house on a hen weekend and took several photos. After seeing the photos on this website i took a closer look at mine and have noticed several apparent orbs of photographs mainly in the hall in a similar area to where the orbs are in your photos! Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I havent been to the manor house but just recently watched a investagation on Most Haunted, I wanted to know what everyone else thinks bout the "man" in room 8

Vincent Rose said...

I have been to Manor house for an paranormal investigation and we found some VERY interesting things. The gothic room was very active with many an orb found as was the laundry room in the vigils carried out

Elizabet said...

During an investigation that I attended we also found the laundry room to be very active. In fact at one stage a coat hanger was thrown at one persons head!
Various guests and psychics experienced being pushed from behind in that room also!
I am not aware of what was shown on "Most Haunted" but I feel that the man that you mention in room 8 is a previous owner of the property. He is extremely powerful, over posessive of the property to this day and likes the ladies!!

Anonymous said...

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