Sunday, April 11, 2010

UFOs: The Secret Evidence

Great documentary by defence journalist Nick Cook where he investigates the best UFO stories and asks what can be explained away by science - and what defies any rational explanation.
I found this programme extremely interesting as it offers, in my opinion, a balanced & rational exploration of the UFO phenomena. Whilst watching I admit to a growing sense of frustration, not concerning UFO stories, but with the governments' control over the populace. Lots of misinformation ( another term for lies and deceit). Following viewing I now believe that many sightings, reports, experiences can be laid at the door of natural phenomenon or covert air-force exercises. SOME reports however to-date defy rational or scientific explanation. It is a must see for all those interested in this subject matter!


donmillion said...

Sadly, Cook entered the subject with a pre-conceived idea, that "flying saucers" are Nazi technology taken over by the Allies after WWII, and to sustain this, he had to ignore all contrary evidencde, especially all sightings pre-WWII.

The most glaring evidence of biased treatment, though, is his account of the Lonnie Zamora daylight landing sighting (1964). Zamora, he says, saw "what looked like a flying saucer". The animation shows a classical silvery disc, resting horizontally on the ground. He relates this to a "black" American Avrocar project from the preceding decade, known as "Silverbug": Zamorra's description, he says, "of a silver disc-shaped object seems to fit in with the Silverbug profile."

Balderdash. While Cook is decribing the Zamora sighting, the camera shows part of the Project Bluebook report on the incident. However, the right half of the page is unaccountably so out of focus as to appear blank. That's because it would reveal that Zamora did not report "a silver disc-shaped object," resting hosizontally, but a white egg-shaped object ("oval in shape"), standing vertically (like an "overturned white car ... up on [its] radiator or on trunk"), and resting on two slanting legs. (This point indicates the reliability of Zamora's interpretation of what he saw: four depressions were found with an area of fused sand at the centre, but Zamora only saw two legs, the others being round the far side.)

Several other witnesses reported an "oval" or "egg-shaped" object in the general area at roughly the same time as Zamora, but their confirmation is unnecessary: What Zamora reported in no way resembled the "silver disck-shaped object" Cook attributes to him. On this basis alone, there is no point in looking for useful information in any part of his documentary.

-- Dpn

Elizabet said...

I agree with your noted discrepancy concerning the "oval" object reported Vs "a silver disc-shaped object,"
What I am interested in is why Cook would include this in his report when it's so glaringly obvious?

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