Saturday, April 17, 2010

Humans 2.0 by Lee Irwin Pringle

Interesting article that swims against the great tide of belief in Indigo children, star children or crystal children

Quote: "You may or may not have heard of them, but there's a new kid on the block and they're getting ready to replace you. They go by many different names such as star children, indigos or crystal children but they all share a common trait, they're not entirely human.

There are reports that some of today's generation are demonstrating some very unique and unusual abilities such as very high I.Q's, strong emphatic abilities and the ability to heal others. They can sense auras, speak with 'spirits' and see the future. It sounds like an episode of Heroes but many scientists and researchers as beginning to take notice.

These new children are said to have a very strong sense of mission, of destiny and wish to lead mankind into a more peaceful future. They can have difficult lives because they are far more sensitive to violence and suffering and can have a passionate hatred of injustice and evil. Unfortunately, they also seem to have difficulty adjusting to life here on Earth and are often classed as being autistic, anti-social or having ADHD". Why are they here?Please read on if you're interested

It is my personal belief that all children are unique and gifted in their distinct way. It just may be that reports of "special gifts" by past media frenzies have caused all parents to be more vigilant in the attention geared towards their child's behaviour?

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