Friday, April 09, 2010

Bead Lounge will host Spring Wellness fair

LONGMONT — Alternative spiritual healers will gather at the Bead Lounge in Longmont later this month for a Spring Wellness Holistic Fair.

The event is intended to help participants achieve “wellness of body, mind and spirit,” said Christina Morales, a Louisville transpersonal hypnotherapist who is coordinating this year’s fair.

“It’s really getting in touch with who you are — who you really are — and not all the stories we tell ourselves or the community and people around us tell us we are,” she said. “It’s really connecting with who you are, your authentic being, connecting to your heart, what gives you meaning.”

Bead Lounge owner Janis Holler opens her downtown beading supplies store to metaphysical events year-round. She hosted a similar holistic fair last spring.

“I’ve come to appreciate the folks that do this, even though I’m skeptical to a certain extent,” she said. “My goal when I bought this store (in September 2008) was to make the Bead Lounge into kind of a mecca for creativity and extend that not just to beadwork, but to all kinds of creativity. And the metaphysical seemed to fit into that.”

The Bead Lounge has hosted crystal healing therapy classes, tarot card sessions and presentations from life coaches, Native American singer-songwriters and alternative therapy authors. In summer 2008, Sufi saint Maulana Zainulabedin Kazmi spoke at the store.

“We’re always on the lookout for different things than you would normally find in Longmont,” Holler said.

This year’s fair on April 24 will feature 10 practitioners who will offer tarot card readings, emotional release work and spiritual healing, Morales said. Admission is free, but practitioners may charge for services, she said. Read on......................................

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