Monday, March 22, 2010

Out of body experiences

My personal out of body experiences has led me to question both the scientific and alternative theories put forward
There are many to research obviously & my journey so far has led me to believe that an OBE is a connection with the parallel universe or the "multiverse"
Einstein's theory of relativity gave us a platform to explore other concepts concerning the fabric of the universe & Science is EXPLORING all & everything
Check out The Elegant Universe for compelling viewing
I believe that certain individuals are able to spontaneously or at will connect with the multiverse and "travel" back or forward in time & space.
Fact: I have travelled to places and reported on my findings to check out the facts. e.g. a friend of mind journeyed to America. I "visited" by "astral travelling" and described the hotel room he stayed in, what he was wearing and doing at a particular time - all checked out OK!
Fact: I can, at will travel using this method
Fact: I have actually spontaneously travelled too but cannot explain why these episodes have manifested themselves
Interestingly I have also experienced a "near death obe" too! so that has led me to consider whether one experiences the whole list of possible obes or none at all?
Those who meditate will understand the concept of "Astral projection" and although this term has been called a pseudoscience by Carl Sagan and crackpot science by James Randi, those who have experienced this will strongly disagree.
I state this claim also based on evidence concerning my "useless" ability to be able to enter a building or location and see the fabric of the building or land as it was many years before, in some instances centuries before! This ability is uncanny as I have no sense of direction whatsoever and get lost outside the supermarket looking for my car! Perhaps this is natures way of having laugh!!
Anyone else experienced something similar?
Love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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