Friday, March 26, 2010

Is music the key to enlightenment?

I recently watched a BBC programme concerning Western sacred music and that started my brain going into "overdrive"
I have been working with children with learning difficulties lately and to encourage communication and speech I have fallen into playing music during the sessions. Not any particular music but a range of genres including classical, baroque, pop, heavy metal, anything & everything!
The response has been quite encouraging and it's that very issue that has led me back to my study work exploring the creation, reason & platform for music.
Within the programme, Harry Christophers said: "This series was a fascinating journey of exploration for all of us. Focusing on four major turning points in the evolution of sacred music, we, as performers, were able not only to perform the music we love in ideal settings but also to delve more into the personalities of these exceptional composers."
"the music we love" - fascinating - why do we love some music and not others?
I believe we are all created and "tuned into" a certain vibrational frequency, each one of us being slightly different to the next. I believe that when we hear a chord or a range of chords and melodies that vibrate at the same frequency as our inner core something magical happens!
Ever listened to music and felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? That's what I'm talking about!!
I wonder whether anyone else has used music as communication platform & if so I would love some tips on how to improve my techniques. Please share your thoughts in the comments

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