Tuesday, October 27, 2009

French Speaking Ghost


Our latest event held at Bolebroke Castle, has thrown something into the mix for the debate of Channeling
OK, so those of us who are interested in the subject are aware of the principles of channeling, i.e. two main techniques developed in the 20th century ( a psychic or sensitive who receives messages and relays them via the spoken word or written format / or a "trance" channeler who allows the spirit to enter their body and speak through them)
Much evidence has been researched over the years and put forward as proof of this activity. One of the most famous within this arena is J Z Knight who is the CEO of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
Our psychic during the event at Bolebroke actually channeled whilst in King Henry VIII bedchamber and surprised guests and herself by the experience: She spoke in French, a language that she has no knowledge of. One of the guests fortunately did understand the language and consequently translated what was said.
The communication was by a lady in waiting to Anne Boleyne, named Annabelle who was her maid for 11 years in France. She states that she needs to apologise to Anne Boleyne for betraying her. She also confirms that she betrayed France. The Marquee de Paris is mentioned in the same sentence as well as the fact that letters written in French have been burned in the fireplace in this, the King's bedroom.
I can almost hear you say: "so what"!
Fact: Our psychic for this night's event did not know where she would be working prior to the event so she could not have researched anything.
Fact: Our psychic can NOT speak French or understand it

What do you make of this?

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