Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Seeing Auras

As Child, 'Psychic' Teen Included Auras in Drawings
Those Close to Heather, 19, Say She Sees Halos of Colour and Can Even See Inside Bodies

Interesting article which started me thinking about AURAS, my understanding and experience of them
I cannot remember when I realised that others didn't always see what I saw!
I know I was quite young as the memory of talking to a primary school friend about the colours around people still remains
What are they?? I really can't say. I can only share my experience and what I believe them to be but others may and do disagree!
Everything that is alive has an aura - a halo of colour that surrounds the physical being
Imagine striking a gong and being able to see the sound it makes as colours that emanate from it. That's an aura!
All living entities vibrate at a certain frequency. Vibration = sound & colour
As the frequency changes, for example we shorten or lengthen a guitar string to change the tonal sound, so the aural colour changes
Each individual living element vibrates at a frequency that is personal to it. If something happens to change the "normal" frequency, the aural colour changes.
Say I vibrate at 0 usually and become unwell, my frequency would change and therefore my aural colour would change
People like me can know someone and recognise their normal aural colour. If they become unwell we can immediatly recognise the change in aural colour. Useful? Not sure! Only when it comes to holistic healing I guess! REAL and ACCURATE? YES!
That's it in a nutshell really. Obviously there is far more to the nature of the aura that surrounds every living entity in its relationship with the vibrational element of the source, the universe but that's a whole other subject matter
WHAT OTHERS SAY.....................................
What the skeptics say..........................


Guest said...

why do people see auras?

Guest said...

Auras are purported to be the essence of any living being or living thing, that surrounds their physical element
People can see them just like seeing someone's face, colour of the eyes etc.
Some are trained to see auras, some can see them without any formal training
They are useful in terms of holistic healing as a person, when asked "how they are feeling" may answer fine, when they are not. The aura tells the healer exactly how that person is feeling, as their aura is affected by their physical being and cannot be altered at will ( generally speaking)
Why people see auras? People choose to see auras. It's a bit like asking the question why do some people play the piano. Some are taught and not instinctively very good at it. Others are born with a musical talent that when nurtured, allows their playing to be a cut above the rest!

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