Friday, July 24, 2009

UFOs Visit Wales


Whitley Strieber's , author known for his horror genre novels, "The Wolfen" and "The Hunger" has written an interesting article on UFOs recently:
Today I saw in Unknowncountry's Out There section a witness report that suggests that on July 10, the military shot at UFOs that appeared over Fort Lewis, Washington.
That the US military has done so in the past is now a matter of public record, since the British Ministry of Defence released records indicating that the US Air Force attempted to shoot down a UFO over Surrey in May of 1956. The pilot involved, Dr. Milton Torres, now lives in Florida and has confirmed that he did indeed receive such an order, in fact, before he even took off, so eager was the Air Force to carry out this extraordinary act on behalf of the human species, but without our knowledge.
For those interested read on..................

I was particularly interest in this phrase: "We have reached a point of no return. Our species is going to experience the total collapse of its planetary environment." Why? because I had just finished reading another article in our local paper about UFO reports here in Wales

Powys X-files revealed

The on - line article describes the most recent sightings etc. It does not however, include all the newspaper article and the paragraph that struck me most was "another witness form North Wales, claims he has been in contact with beings not of this world. The message from these beings, "mankind must STOP its relentless pursuit of material gain and its favourite past time of tribal warfare and work for the unification of all nations, work in harmony with the planet and its life forms"

Whether these reports are accurate is up to the individual reader's perspective
What is REAL is the concept that we humans are moving head - long into total DEVASTATION
So when you're next travelling to the out of town "shopping centres" that have infested our western society take time out to peer upward towards the heavens. You never know you may see a UFO!!

What do you think. Are we living in a time of "hell on earth" ?

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