Monday, July 13, 2009

Do Aliens Prefer Wales?

A recent article in my local newspaper reminded me of accounts and reports, concerning UFO sightings, which appear to be escalating lately
The article actually discussed the issue of the "hum" that also appears to be growing
For those that have not heard of the "hum" it's all about a noise( frequency 36 Hz) that appears to be heard by some but not others
Local towns people and villagers had contacted the paper to report on their discomfort concerning this annoying noise and to ask whether anyone else had heard it
It turns out that within a 30 mile radius there are at least three reports of areas that have to contend with "the hum". I await the next issue of the paper to find out how many further reports have been acknowledged
Quote taken from "The Saga of the Hum"
The first report of mass complaints came in the mid 1960's it covered all parts of the UK but a large number was concentrated in the Bristol area where it attained world wide reputation as the Bristol Hum. A group of Hum sufferers organised a committee and travelled to London University where an investigation into the phenomena was being carried out. On their return to Bristol the group contacted the local authority and Bristol Member of Parliament Arthur Palmer and persuaded them to investigate the matter. Arthur Palmer and the investigating team finally claimed to have traced the source and stopped the Hum, however, the authority refused to reveal the source saying "we have stopped it, be satisfied with that"
I have a theory - just a theory you understand. What if the recognition of the "hum" is tied into, in some way, with the recent increase in sightings of UFO's in the same areas?
I have listened to at least two first hand accounts of UFO sightings in this area in the last 2 months. Others say they actually saw the crafts hover over a well - known town just 5 miles away from the "hum" report areas, although they do not wish to be named!
Have you experienced the "hum"?
Have you seen a UFO?
Love to hear from you if you have even if you don't live in Wales

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Chris in Florida said...

I have been a "Hum sufferer" since September 23, 2008 around 11pm. I live in West Palm Beach. I'm 49 years old and when I was 11 or 12 I saw a UFO which scared me very much. I have tried to find out what is causing this hum by calling many government agencies, including NOAA, USGS and many others but with no results. They just send you idiotic replies. The reason I'm writing to you, because ever since I wrote to a writer named Chris Holly who writes for UFO DIGEST, I'm convinced this has something to do with UFOs. She mentioned she hears the hum and she also had a UFO encounter at age 11. Someone should do a survey to determine if there is a connection. It still doesn't asnwer why we hear this most annoying noise. Which is probably not a noise. I feel my ear lobes vibrating slightly right now. I am so very tired of not being able to sleep very well. And just feel so alone with this. It is nice to write about it to someone somewhere. But sometimes I wonder if this is just making the problem worse. Is this some kind of mind control?

Guest said...


I have an idea that may help
It helps for most other "white noise" problems and whilst I believe your account of a UFO encounter I cannot offer any assistance specifically for that!
My advice is to forget about whether the "hum" stems from that encounter or something else - we will never be included in the current century's information on other beings / UFos etc.

OK here it is:
Play music that you are really into on head phones. Sit still and listen to the music
Concentrate extremely hard on emptying your mind of all conscious thoughts ( very difficult to do) but practice make perfect!
When you next here the "hum" point your mind to the music that you listen to in a meditative state( hear the music in your head) and the "hum" will eventually disappear
Write back and let me know how you get on - IT DOES WORK!!

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