Friday, November 14, 2008

Now That's Weird

Hi Guys

Discussion this week on Now That's Weird Radio Show was varied as always

A subject very dear to me was concerning mental health issues
The debate considered the possibility that perhaps science is labelling some of us as mentally ill and feeding that condition with incredibly strong drugs when in reality the "patient" is merely experiencing psychic episodes

What do you think?

On a different subject I did ask the listeners to share their unexplained experiences with us at the show and on here if they choose so get in touch and I will attempt to give some explanation to those experiences

Look forward to hearing from you


dr pepper said...

Is psychic ability just the adult version of invisible friends?

Joseph McMoneagle

McMoneagle claims he had a remarkable memory of very early childhood events. He grew up surrounded by alcoholism, abuse and poverty. As a child he had visions of small rabbit that would come to him at night, to comfort him when he was alone and scared, and first began to hone his psychic abilities in his teens for his own protection when he hitchhiked. He enlisted to get away. McMoneagle became an experimental remote viewer, while serving in U.S. Army Intelligence.

dr pepper said...

also what do you reckon to this?

Alice Bailey was born to a wealthy aristocratic British family, and as a member of the Anglican Church, received a thorough Christian education. She described a lonely and "over-sheltered" childhood and was unhappy despite the luxury of her physical circumstances...

...In her autobiography she related that as a child she was unhappy and did not find life worth living, and because of this attempted suicide three times: the first at the age of five, the second at age 11, and the third at an unspecified time prior to age 15. She wrote that after her third attempt, she lost interest in the idea, but that she "always understood the impulse...

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