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Sudden changes in temperature indicate a spirit is in the room – you may feel very hot or very cold
Headaches and feeling sick – both these things can indicate spiritual activity
Unexplained noises or movements of objects
You may feel someone touching you but be unable to see anyone
A bat is a sign that ghosts or spirits are very near. It’s also believed that if your candle goes out on Halloween you are in the presence of a ghost

Myths and traditions:
• It is said that if you hear someone's footsteps behind you on the Halloween night, do not turn back because it may be the dead following you. If you do look back you might join the dead very soon.
• Apples: if you place an apple under your pillow you will dream of your future husband
• Take a candle and look in the mirror while combing your hair and the image of your future husband will appear over your shoulder
• There is the old saying that "black cats are bad luck". It was once believed that black cats were the devil, or consumed by evil spirits.
• If you put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night. At midnight you will see a witch in the sky.
• If you ring a bell on Halloween it will frighten evil spirits away.
• If a bat flies around your house three times on Halloween, death is very soon to come
• People used to believe if you walked around your house three times backwards before sunset on Halloween, it would take care of all evil.
If you see a spider on Halloween, it could be the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching you

Apple bobbing - you can't have a Halloween party without bobbing for apples. It's easy – just float apples in a large bowel filled with water. The object of the game is to grab an apple in your mouth without using your hands.

Pumpkin Carving - a Halloween party isn't complete without pumpkins You'll need to buy enough for each of your friends. Then simply take out the guts of the pumpkins and carve them into spooky masterpieces!

Pin the Wart on the Witch - draw a witch on a large piece of paper and make enough witch's warts for all your friends. Then blindfold the players, spin them around three times or give them a drink or two and get them to pin the wart on the witch! The player who sticks the wart closest to the nose wins.

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Shyanne said...

Interesting..! Halloween is one of those holidays that has evolved over time.

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