Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dancer

She visited deep into the night during the last full moon. It had been a while since last I saw her and perhaps that's why the experience appeared more pleasurable?
"Come dance in the garden" she said without use of her mouth or any other physical element of her being. "Not tonight" I replied without movement of my mouth
She didn't appear to mind. Her ethereal body turned and glided out of the room through the nearest bedroom wall leaving only the memory of her silk hem that had brushed across ny outstretched arm!
How is this possible? I have long since given up analysing and chewing the impossibility over and over. It just is!!!
Once, a long time ago, someone close to me said "seeing is believing" I now understand this to be true
At long last I have fallen comfortably into accepting those experiences that cannot presently be explained scientifically. Gone are the days of research into various mental disorders, gone are the long nights spent reading the great scientists of the various preceding centuries. I now understand that acceptance without question is the key to my harmonious existence!
Oh by the way for those who read this and consider me utterly barking: the night visitor who I have never had the pleasure of meeting in life actually did live some time ago on the land that is now my home. According to those that knew her, she was particularly fond of "dancing in the garden". Needless to say I had never heard of her or the facts surrounding her life until after her first nightly visit some years ago!!
Anyone relate to this kind of experience?


cheryll said...

cool paranormal stories.

Elizabet said...

Hi Cheryl
You got any stories to share?

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