Friday, April 18, 2008


What do I feel – immediately on hearing the news flash I believed she had been killed by those in power in the uk and possibly globally because of her standing in society. She didn’t really fit into the picture did she?
I also believe it enitirely plausable that she was executed by those who are the most powerful within our community, whether that’s national or global power and I don’t believe it’s is out of the question to imagine they used everything available to carry out this task – let’s not forget that esoteric sources of power have been used throughout history and continue to be used in the present time to carry out the intentions of a few
For those unaware, let’s assume that the Earth and all its associated spirits hold immense power, which when harnessed, can be used for whatever means is chosen. Magic is neither good or evil.. It is the intention behind the magic which makes it 'white magic' or 'black magic', positive or negative. To hold this power gives you power and dominance over those who do not. And Magic works solely within the laws of nature and what we have seen happening around the world is the knowledge of Nature's Laws being eradicated from practically every culture on the planet. One thing is probable - the dismissal and ultimately destruction of every native culture is deliberate action, thought out and implemented by people who are fully aware of the powers of the Ether.
I summarise by stating that the conscious creation of a global community denies the knowledge of magic to the masses
Hitler himself said, "How fortunate for leaders, that the masses do not think."
Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in 1933. Most occult leaders believed Hitler was The Great One. The Nazi sacred symbols and concepts of the swastika or "gamma cross", the eagle, the red/black/white color scheme, and ancient Nordic runes (one of which became the insignia of the SS), were all adopted from esoteric traditions going back centuries, shared by Brahmins, Scottish Masons, Rosicrucians, the Knights Templars and other esoteric societies. The Nazi motto, "One Reich, One Folk, One Fuehrer", reflected the standard threefold power circles of the occult. The Reich was the psychic adepts of the Nazi Party, which would build the bridge between the Folk (the masses which unite into a cosmic Entity greater than its parts) and the Fuehrer (the initiates in the elite leadership which unite with Hitler, the divine incarnation). The outer fringe, the Folk, are taught what they can handle: blind obedience, group service, a new history and identity. The Party elite such as the SS are taught something different: psychic knowledge, tapping into the "Vril Force", self-denial, brotherhood mission, medieval lore, fearlessness of death. The innermost circle was privy to the hard-core Gnostic teaching on the Grail, immortality and godhood. Many neo-Nazi groups continue to pursue these topics with devotion. But under it all was the invisible presence of "Unknown Superiors" who taught Hitler himself and who were assumed by his associates to endow him with his uncanny hypnotic power.


dr pepper said...

Diana was killed because she was at the time pregnant with Dodi's child which meant that the next in line to the throne would be a muslim,an abomination to the royal family(the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's of Germany btw).It's most likely that Prince Philip made enough noises and the secret services wanting to keep their jobs did the rest.She most likely died from the botched abortion they did in the ambulance on the way to the hospital which took so long getting there because they needed time to clear away the evidence

Elizabet said...

Hi dr pepper
Interesting comments
Any evidence to support your theory?
Would be interested in any links to your opinion

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