Friday, March 21, 2008

Evil Life After Death


I am often asked about my beliefs on what happens to a persons soul after death if they have commited heinous acts during their life
All of the traditional religions refer to a judgement after death based on the acts commited during life
Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in some form of heavem and hell, whilst Hindus, Buddhists etc. believe that hell is the life we live and strive to become nothing allowing freedom from the constant recycle of existence
Underpinning all these faiths if the fact that some form of judgement takes place
Whilst a thinking person could argue that this is a neat form of control of life and when you're dead you're dead I actually believe that we are judged by our actions, thoughts and consciousness at all times whether alive, dead or in the next realm of existence. We are all part of the whole state of universal consciousness. Our being affects everything whether we are aware of this fact or not.
I cannot imagine what lies in wait for those who commit truly evil deeds in this life but have actually glimpsed the power and the darkness of energy that emanates from an evil being. That experience has left an indelible stain on my soul


Ken Albin said...

It's really hard to break old habits!

dr pepper said...

What's the point of all this lesson learning though Elizabet?What lessons were learnt by the Jews during WWII for instance?Was their genocide allowed just so the nazi's could learn something to take into their next life?Also if the universal consiousness is truly universal then surely it would already know the 'secret of life' and wouldnt need to keep sending down the same ill equipped souls down to earth all the time to make the same mistakes over and over again?

Elizabet said...

Hi there
Learning lessons um!
I don't pretend to have any answers only my meagre opinion and faith that what I believe is
From the moment we are born into this life on earth we learn. We learn from nurturing that's given by those close to us and continue to learn by experiences and teachings from others for the rest of our existence. We therefore cannot avoid lessons even if we tried. If we use this as the basic premise for this discussion all that I have said before is a mere extension of this process, i.e. our experiences, teachings and lessons learned throughout our life's journey ripple outwards based on the simple equation of cause and effect. I have spoken to several Jewish individuals who shared their personal experiences caused by the Holocaust. Some expressed a continual bitterness and felt unable to forgive, some communicated a feeling of living in a sort of "limbo" perhaps caused by the first hand accounts being retold through continuing generations, but some simply stated that they had worked through the trauma and felt better human beings for being able to forgive those that commited the crimes! An extremely hard lesson I think you'll agree, but never the less, a lesson

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