Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aliens Prefer Welsh Dogs

LONDON (Reuters) - The abduction of a dog stood out among 135 reports of UFO incidents received by the Ministry of Defence last year.“The witness saw spaceships and then said that one of them abducted his dog, car and tent when he and some friends were out camping,” in Wales, reads the report received on Jan 3 this year.
Flaming objects, bright lights behaving erratically, odd shapes flying in the sky and even a village blackout following silently exploding lights are also among the reports of unidentified flying objects from all over the country!
I have personally experienced stories of alien sightings in the vast wilderness of Mid Wales
Any stories to share?
Are YOUR pets safe?


Radar said...

More smoke and mirrors claptrap by the mainstream media paid by the elite to keep the publics minds off the real issues that matter.The whole of the western world could be brought to a standstill overnight by everybody doing one simple action...the unplugging of the cable from the tv aerial socket.Forget Shakespeare and Catcher in the Rye,everyone in school should be made to watch the movie Network instead

Radar said...

Have you ever wondered Elizabet why we have been given the internet and particularly why governments are so anxious to get everyone online?Before the internet everyones personal thoughts and believes were their own.If anyone wanted to know what made a person tick without them knowing they had to secretly bug them,open their letters or read their diary.All at great expense,time and effort.Now all they have to do is to intercept the data traveling through a person's ISP.Did you know that every single word that has ever been typed on the net right back to the day the first ever person logged on is stored on a database somewhere?Just think of what you could do with all that data

Elizabet said...

Hi Radar
I totally agree with your first comment
I obviously blog about these issues to start debate and therefore collect others thoughts

Elizabet said...

I have wondered about the creation of the internet since this form of communication fist started
Personally I was and still am, to a degree, wary of all forms of communciation that allow OTHERS to "listen in"
I am paranoid about the "big brother" concept and from early "doors" more than aware of the "fat controllers" monitoring even our basic shopping patterns via card purchase analysis
Having said this I have decided to put my thoughts and beliefs to paper in the knowledge that all the minute details are logged and stored for future use perhaps?
Let the machine turn and see what happens. It's rolling the dice I guess!

the brain is a natural frequency decoder said...

i believe all ufos are just prototype super hi-tech reconnaissance crafts developed by the military that in years to come will be used in a civilian capacity to monitor all of us.relating to ufos,theres an interesting fact about cattle mutilations that upwind of all of them,investergators found nucleur facilities of varies kinds.power stations,weapons factories,storage facilities etc.

Elizabet said...

Interesting comment
I believe that this is a possibility also. If this is true
I hope the governments in control spell out the "facts" before I die!

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