Friday, January 25, 2008

Remote Viewing With Now That's Wierd Radio

This is really aimed at the listeners of "Now that's wierd"
We conducted a joint experiment, Ross Hemsworth and I only last week!
This all started because of wierd "events" concerned with the telephone line whilst I was recording the show
I told Ross that I had picked up that something strange was going on at his home and new nothing about the "happenings" at that point. We had no prior conversation in relation to this so what I psychically received was interesting
He then told me that there had been some "poltogeist" activity in his home so that's why we agreed to this experiment: I was to visit his home during the week ( remotely) or as it appears to me ( as an OBE)
I visited and was taken directly into a dark downstairs room where I met a tall dark haired well - built gentleman who said his name was Jacob. He smelt of "wood-smoke" - you know the sort of smokey smell you get when you sit around a camp fire for a long time!
He confirmed that he was responsible for the electricity failures and that he had recently switched off lights and caused problems with the radio computer equipment
He introduced me to a young girl called Louise who said that she liked teddy bears and I could see a teddy bear sitting on top of either a table or chair ( couldn't make that out completely)- this teddy bear linked very closely with Penny, Ross's assistant and partner
The general message was that they were attempting to make communication with Ross & Penny because they had been asked to by not only them but also someone close to them ( Tina)
I assured them both that things were fine and that they did not have to keep trying as the communication had been positively made

We discussed the above details on air tonight and it appears that Jacob has been seen before ( similar description given for him)
Penny had indeed put out 2 teddy bears NOT ONE( as a trigger object experiment ( I think)
The other person involved in the issue was their friend NITA NOT TINA!( close though eh?)

One last point - Jacob lived in a wooden house in the area behind the property during the mid 19th century( Ross needs to check this out to confirm the details)
What do you think about this?
Do you believe in remote viewing or out of body travel?
Love to hear about your experiences! - Love to hear if you think this is a "crock of shit"!
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Radar said...

Do you think that maybe Jacob died in a fire?That may explain the smell of fire you picked up and it also could be the reason why he's still hanging around here on earth

Elizabet said...

Hi Radar
Don't know
It's possible but I feel that Jacob worked on the land as a "game-keeper" or something similar - at this stage I don't know if the smell of smoke had anything to do with his death

Radar said...

Or do you think that maybe Jacob's warning Ross and Penny of some kind of fire related accident that could be started by faulty electrics.Or maybe one the cats knocking something over and starting one that way and he tried to get this over to you but you got it as being a teddy instead?

Elizabet said...

Hi Radar
You could be right
The problem with any psychic message, in my experience, is that they are ambiguous!

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