Friday, November 16, 2007

Near Death Experiences

Following on from my discussion this evening on "now that's wierd" radio I thought I'd jot down some of the information
My personal near death experience(NDE)occured following surgery
Whilst in the recovery room I apparantly did not breath. My experience was one of standing outside of my body on the floor in a corner of the room looking back at my physical body surrounded by doctors etc.
I could hear and see exactly what they were doing to me, which I recanted after the event
I did not see any white light or tunnel, as most reports that I have read, but I certainly did feel extremely calm and at peace, so much so that when I returned into my body, although I could hear a nurse calling my name and commanding me to breath, I felt extremely reluctant to do so!
An interesting article that was recently pointed out to me has caused me to question my experience. In a recent study Kevin Nelson, M.D., of the University of Kentucky, has suggested a link between sleep aberration and NDEs
I have trouble sleeping at the best of times and my frequent out of body experiences could possibly be linked to this also
What I will say is that what I saw in the recovery room could NOT be seen from my position on the recovery bed and I believe that some of the marks on my body, following a period of OBEs cannot easily be explained away!
Have you ever experienced either an OBE or NDE?
Get in touch if you have. I would love to hear your viewpoint!


atomicvelvetsigh said...

i dont know if you call it an OBE.. but i remember vividly years back when i was asleep that i saw my own body lying on my bed and it seems that either i was floating looking down on myself or i was dreaming i was. it was only a few seconds and in a snap i woke up and i was catching my breath as if i ran so far and so fast.. weird eh?

Elizabet said...

Western governments appear to enjoy destroying our "freedom of choice", ironic really as I thought this was an important tenet of "democracy"
Hey what do I know?

Elizabet said...

Strane thing is that I too experience a "shortness of breath" upon reentering my physical body during controlled OBEs?

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