Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bridging the Distance through the "Airwaves"

During my usual chat on Net Talk radio last night I was contacted via e-mail by a guest who had joined the show the previous week
Whilst listening to the e-mail that was read out by Ross Hemsworth, the show's host, I really felt quite odd!
Not unusual I hear you say! but this was an unusual personal experience!!
The gentleman concerned stated that he had also felt strange during the week between shows and so I asked him to get in touch on air to expand on the information.
Needless to say he did get back to me and within seconds I found myself talking live on air about an "Out of body" experience I had during the previous week that I felt was centered on him!
I rambled on, much to my amazement, giving details of the inside of the building, the colour of the bed cover, the colour of a car outside the house, the emotions of a gentleman that I saw lying in bed!! WOW what a tosser I thought as soon as my "drivel" had ceased!!
Let me clarify the situation for you all:
I rarely talk in public about my experiences. I shun the media, I'm always extremely concerned about attracting negative responses via these means of communication and yet "what's done is done"
So to turn this highly unusual experience into something positive I will say that the information that I gave has been confirmed and I dearly hope that the gentleman concerned will forgive my OUTBURST!
I will continue to communicate personally with this gentleman in PRIVATE
Why and how does this sort of phenomenon occur?
I have posted a link to a site that holds useful information on psychic communication for your information: Psychic communication
Get in touch with any similar experiences or if you heard the show
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