Friday, May 05, 2006

Spiritual Imagery

We all understand the importance of imagery to put across a message don't we?- after all, pictures speak much louder than words!
The prolific number of beautiful artworks, architecture, writings, and of course musical compositions that have been created to capture and portray the essence of spirituality clearly support the importance of this method of conveying a spiritual message and without these creations the world would indeed be a much darker place.
That being said I would like to pose the issue of the contemporary image that appears to be "flogged to death" by those who are working within the area of psychic phenomena
Is it just me or is anyone else out there fed up with "fluffy pink web sites" covered from start to finish with "angels" and messages of "love and light!"
I would like to know how this has come about and would really like some answers as to how this apparant general "image" has come to be?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning those who work within the psychic arena who choose to join this apparantly accepted method of image portrayal! I'm merely suggesting that if we psychics crave acceptance then shouldn't we attempt to update our image? join the 21st century?
You see, I belong to a large group of psychic indviduals who yearn for the demystification of psychic phenomena . I live for the day when all human beings realise that the potential for communication with other realms and experiencing psychic phenomena lies within us all. It's merely dormant in some of us due to cultural and material influences!
The research into right and left brain activity is relatively new but what we do know is that each part of the brain is used to govern distinct areas of activity. For example, the left controls our logical and linear approach to problem solving and the right dictates our emotional and intuitive approach. What I have realised is that "switching" from one side to the other is not that difficult a task, and as with all matters practice is the key!
I believe the use of the right side of the brain to be essential in order to acheive communication with those beings that exist within other realms. I therefore don't believe it is necessary to adopt a particular image in order to access those realms that govern ghosts, fairies, angels etc.
This ability lies within us all!
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