Thursday, April 06, 2006

Music, War and Sprituality

Strange mix you might say but quite by chance I have found myself today visiting one of my favourite bloggs, listening to a review about one of my favourite musical artists and contemplating the issue of spirituality!
The link? - The blogg posting that really stirred my emotions was regarding the new film by Michael Moore "Why we fight"- have a look! Personally I find it encouraging to witness films of this genre being promoted via the good old web blog. The message is clear and simple- Anti War, although some reviews comment on the structure of this wonderful art form allowing the individual to make up their own minds! - Brilliant - politics at its best!
The review regarding Eno, Roxy Music, David Bowie, Airport music fame was discussing his profound influence on the music scene, tempering that concept with comments regarding his "eccentricty" and finishing with the title of a new anti-war book that he has collaborated on, on sale since March this year!
I don't really know why I find myself immersed in questioning spirituality today, more than any other? perhaps it's that Easter is looming, one period of the calendar that I feel somewhat depressed. Strange as I am not a Christian and even more strange that I should chance apon two separate articles based on the message of Anti-War- is someone trying to tell me something?


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