Saturday, December 31, 2005

Vaynol Park Chapel Orbs

Vaynol Park Chapel Orbs, originally uploaded by Haunting Breaks.

Orbs at Vaynol Park, North Wales


Elizabet said...

It was during an initial visit to Vaynol Park that I experienced an unusual event!
Whilst touring the grounds and the many other extremely interesting buildings I came to rest at the great barn.
Whilst my partner climbed the stairs to the upper floor I heard a distinct voice, very close to me. It was a male voice and he said "Where are you going now?"
We were just about to leave the estate on our return journey home!
Our journey was difficult and we kept getting lost!
It was as though the spirit didn't want us to leave!!
We have now held a number of events at the park and have had a great many experiences that remain unexplained.
Has anyone else had any unexplained experiences at Vaynol Park?
Please post your experiences as we woul be really interested in the comments!

shaun said...

hi there just dropped in,to have a look, will drop by from time to time,

Elizabet said...

Hi Shaun

Thanks for the contact
Any comments regarding the Vaynol orbs?

Foxxy said...

Hi. Came across your blog through the Haunting Breaks site. Was checking out the event at Maesmawr Hall in Feb. It was advertised on the intranet in work, was thinking of going. Fab pics by the way.

Elizabet said...

Hi Foxxy

You can book tickets for Maesmawr Hall by contacting our booking office on 01686 420301

Br quick though as they're going fast!
Glad you like the pics!!

Mr Jingles said...

I have been to some so called "Ghost Hunt" events (I dont like the term Ghost Hunt I think it gives the wrong impression) including Vaynol Park with Haunting Breaks..where I will go again. Ocassionally I get feelings around these sites, hairs on back of neck, chilled spine, soft touches on hand / cheek and at one location I saw for a split second a fast moving mist. A lot was happening at Vaynol when I went but I didn't get much...I think I was over awed by the size and beauty of the site...a lot of feelings. The seances seemed to be successful but things did seem to be if the spirits were a bit shy of all the commotion / attention is this possible?
With the experiences I have had I am beginning to wonder if I am "awakening" spiritually.
How do you know?
I am finding that my sleep can be disturbed and I am convienced someone was talking to me. On one ocassion I was in a daydream state and was convinced I was responding to my partners question..she was asleep!
I find when in deep meditation that I see waves of mist and that my sight is like I am underwater with all of my body linked as one to my head and stomach sometimes with a queasy feeling. I see a multitude of indiscriminate shapes moving about. I have seen something like a clay tablet with unknown characters on it and a very peaceful grey face. During moments when my mind is wondering I see a quick moving white mist/flash on the edge of my vision when I look its gone, this sometimes happens when I feel peaceful walking in the woods.. It seems to be moving gradually more to the front of my vision. It is almost like it is testing to see how far into my vision it can get before I notice.
Sometimes if I am sleepy and nod off in meditation I wake with a start and it feels like someone is in my presence or body.
Other than these experiences I think I am a rational normal person. Could this be the start of something special?
Haunting Breaks keep up the good work..there are some real cowboys out there spoiling it for all.

Anonymous said...

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