Sunday, December 18, 2005

Net Talk Radio

Anyone who tunes into the show may have questions that they would like answers to but be too shy to contact the show directly
Post onto the blog any question that you may have regarding psychic issues, healing, crystals, ghosts etc.
I will try to answer all your questions!
Take Care


Chris said...

Hi Elizabet,

I really enjoy listening to your hour on 'now that's weird' and i regularly e-mail in, (I enquired about the 'eye' 2 weeks ago). I'd just like to tell you about how I first saw this eye. I've been meditating by imagining healing light clearing my chakras and one night I did my ussuall routine but i placed a white quartze crystal that I found at Loch ness on each chakra. After I finished I stood by my bed and stretched my arms up and I felt this increadible rush of energy go through me and I saw the eye as clear as day infront of me (my eyes closed). Since then I have seen it a few times. I never knew much about crystals before that and I probably should have washed it before and after.

Elizabet said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the post!
I recall vividly the radio programme in question because I was amazed that the eye you were describing exactly fit with my drawing of a "Third Eye" - one single eye- as I drew it I imagined it situated in the exact cente of the brow over the chakra.
Quartz crystals are exceptionally good in aiding meditation. They enhance the energy required for connection with the universe. Yes you should care for your crystals by ensuring they are cleansed before and after use. Either, place them in direct moonlight or hold them under running water, preferabaly a stream ( if you have one near) but tap water will surfice!
You should wrap them in a dark cloth after cleansing them, and they will then be ready for further use. Use them to enhance your meditation practice - actually quartz crystals have many uses- they may be programmed for all sorts of uses, distance healing, protection etc. etc.
Thanks for the positive comment regarding the NetTalk show - it's extremely encouraging!
Get in touch with any questions that you may have regarding crystals or any other psychic issues- I'm always willing to help spread the knowledge!
Take Care

gary the puzzled said...

Hi Elizabet.

I listened to you on “Now That’s Weird” on 17th March 2006 and you asked people to write in with queries about psychism.

After several passings last year I have had difficulty sleeping especially as one was dearly close, young and died in their sleep.

As I do not take drugs, I happened upon some soundwave technology that uses cds to take your brain to lower frequencies and thence to sleep.

It worked, I have had the deepest sleep for years. However I have found that on occasion I feel someone in the room and a few times have awoken speaking to someone, who was not there when I became fully awake.

When in deep meditation I often find that I am seeing a multitude of indiscriminate shapes moving about. I have seen something like a clay tablet with unknown characters on it and a very peaceful grey face.
I see waves of mist and my vision is almost like I am underwater, with all of my body linked as one to my head and stomach sometimes with a queasy feeling.
In this state I feel like someone is there. Sometimes I feel like a touch on my face or hand. Once I thought I felt my cat touch my face as she does, only to see she was not there. If I “drop off” I feel that I awake “with a start” and feel like someone is trying to enter my body through head / chest. It can be alarming but I feel I can control whatever is going on, it is a strange sensation.

Sometimes I awake to find I am half out my body looking into the wall or down on the bed. Other times when I stay in old hotels e.g. I have “feelings”. Recently I was laying there in the darkest room I have ever been in, when I saw some red coloured orb / flashes to my left, but put it down to a tired mind. That night I awoke at 3am saying “no no NO!” and swearing to someone / something to “go away”. I felt that I was indicating to whatever it was that they did not have my permission to do whatever they were doing. Hence I was annoyed when they ignored my original “nos”. I would not say I felt threatened, it was just the way you would react if you were awakened in the middle of the night and tired.

During moments when my mind is wondering I see a quick moving white mist/flash on the edge of my vision (to the right) when I look its gone, this sometimes happens when I feel peaceful walking in the woods. It seems to be moving gradually more to the front of my vision. It is almost like it is testing to see how far into my vision it can get before I notice. Someone said it was a soul spark?

These are some of the things I have experienced. I have had others but these are some of those I have had recently.

Other than these experiences I think I am a rational person. Certainly two years ago I had no time for the paranormal. I wouldn’t say I didn’t believe just that I had never thought about it.

I would just like someones opinion.
I would like to know whether to ignore whatever is going on or try to develop it.

Any answers?

Thanks for the opportunity to get this written down.

Elizabet said...

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the posting.
I will attempt to comment in a rational and helpful manner!
First of all, losing someone, whatever age and through whatever means is always stressful and upsetting. One of the consequences of this stress is difficulty in sleeping, relaxing etc.
You mention sound as a means to enhance relaxation and sleep and obviously are accutely aware of the power in sound waves and the relevent importance of "harmony"
The universe is made up of totally balanced harmony and for each living being to feel "in tune" or "at one" with the universe that living being needs to be able to "vibrate" at a particular frequency at any given time. To explain further, say one feels happy at any given time then the self vibrates at a particular frequency that corresponds with the equivalent vibrations within the universe. The same principle applies to any feeling or emotion. As long as there is balance within the self, i.e. equal amounts of happiness, sadness etc. etc. then the self acheives a state of balance generally. When a being experiences sudden emotion, as with the death of a loved one, then it takes some time for the self to adjust back to a balanced state. You have chosen music to aid your readjustment and as I would expect that has helped.
I'm not sure from your comments whether you have started to "feel" a presence only after using tonal frequencies to adjust your harmony?
Perhaps you will confirm this?
To move on though, it is my belief and others that opening your self up to other frequencies enhances the ability of the self to experience other realms and therefore other beings.
It's as though a door or window is opened and once this has opened then an increase in awareness of other realms is inevitable.
You mention waves and mists! I can confirm that these forms are regularly experienced by myself and others and I believe they are the first apparent form to be shown to us before they change into a more solid being.
You also mention the feeling of someone attempting to enter your body via your head or chest. These two areas are the main chakra areas and it is likely that these areas would be used if an attempt were made. Take heart though as this should not necessarily have sinister connotations. Have you ever thought that you have confirmed communication with your guardian angel? I believe this to be a serious possibility given all the other comments that you've made!
Flashes of colours ( in the corner of your eye)could be moving orbs. It is not unusual to experience these once you have awakened your inner being- and it sounds to me that you have. Out of body experiences,as you decribed, is also another common factor once your inner being has awakened.
Continue meditating and practice listening to your inner self. I believe this is something that we could all do until the end of time and still not scratch the surface of the knowledge of the universe.
I do hope these notes have helped you.
Basically to sum up, what I've tried to say is that you are OK!
In actual fact you are blessed!
You are experiencing what all beings are able to, and should, but for one reason or another DON'T
Thanks again for sharing your experiences. Please get in touch if you have any further experiences to share or if you have any further discussion points.

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