Saturday, November 12, 2005

Net Talk Radio Crystal Information

My experience to date with Net Talk Radio has led me to post an article regarding Crystals and their healing properties.
The radio programme has many contacts regarding this subject matter so I have put a few ideas together for all those that I have not been able to contact directly!
Hope it comes in handy!

 What is a crystal?
(A crystal is not only a quartz crystal, but any stone which has the characteristics described below.)
Without going into an obscure explanation which few of us would understand, a mineral is crystalline if the atoms or ions that compose it are arranged in a geometrically precise pattern of atoms which are held together by shared electrons.
If you didn't understand that don't worry about it. The important thing to understand that this orderly pattern also ensures that the energy emitted by a crystal is equally orderly and consistent. A crystal's vibration and energy pattern is steady‑which is one of the reasons that crystals can help to steady the often-erratic energy patterns of humans.

 How do crystals work??
On a sensory level, the sight of them appeals to and reawakens our senses, both physical awareness and a sense of wonder. Through our awareness of its hidden treasures we become more appreciative of our physical world.
On an energetic level crystals work in a subtle way to unblock psychic and physical energy. Imagine for a moment how heavy you feel when you're depressed or feeling tired or bored or just stuck.
All of us have areas in our lives where energy is blocked, such as prosperity, love, general health, creativity. These blockages express themselves in the physical body. When we place crystals on these areas (i.e., the throat area for creativity), their high vibration help to raise the vibrational frequency in that area.
High vibration doesn't mean making you feel jittery. When people are feeling hyper or want to calm their thoughts for the purpose of meditation crystals can help to achieve quiet. The primary purpose of crystals is to help restore energetic balance and to open energy channels so that energy flows smoothly.

 Is the interest in crystals a New Age thing?
Crystals have been found in Neolithic graves and barrows. They were widely used in ancient Egypt, Mexico, Russia, and Africa, and among Native American cultures.
I have trained with healers who believe that the Lost City of Atlantis also used the healing properties of Crystals

 How do I choose crystals for myself?
There are many ways to choose crystals: for their beauty, because you are drawn to a particular colour, or because the descriptions of a crystal’s energies appeal to you either intuitively or because its characteristics correspond to an issue you are ready to work on.
It can help to make a list of what is missing or what you'd like to have more in your life. Then look at descriptions of crystals.

 How do I choose crystals for someone else?
You can refer to many of the guides above. You can also use your intuition. If you notice that someone wears a particular colour frequently choose a crystal of that colour.
If you know that someone is longing for change or growth in a particular area give them a stone which relates to it, i.e., rose quartz for love, citrine, emerald, or green tourmaline for abundance. I have found it helpful not to say, "You really need this crystal."

 Why would I clear a crystal?
When you first get a crystal, in order to make it yours you want to remove from it all energy which is neither yours nor the crystal's. After you've been working with it for a while you'll want to remove any energy you may have released into it.

 Place in moonlight or sunlight or hold under running water.

 What does it mean to charge crystals?
When we charge a crystal we fill it with a particular kind of energy. It could be the energy of the new or full moon, the energy of an affirmation, or many other possibilities.

 What is programming a crystal?
When you program a crystal you put the energy of chosen thoughts and feelings into the energy pattern of a crystal.

 How do I program a crystal?
Focus your mind onto the subject that you would like to convey to the crystal.
Imagine the thoughts transferring from you to the crystal.
· How do I meditate using crystals?
There are many ways. You can simply sit with a crystal in your hand and make feeling its energy part of the meditation. You can place crystals on body areas which correspond to chakra points. You can also meditate with crystals to which you are drawn, either holding them or, again, placing them on your body.

 Will crystals affect me even if I don't do anything with them?
I and many others believe that they do

 Is it true that a crystal only works for you if someone gives it to you?
No. However, when a crystal is a gift of love it can hold a special kind of energy.

 Which crystal is for good luck?
There is no particular crystal associated with good luck. However, choosing crystals which relate to the particular challenges and dreams in your life and making them your partners in creating the life you want could lead to your feeling very lucky about the results.

 Don’t some crystals bring bad luck?
The only crystal I know which is associated with bad luck in folklore is the opal. Some people believe that you can only wear opal if it's your birthstone, others that you can only wear it if someone gives it to you.
Opal's connection to bad luck is believed to come from a reference in a novel by Sir Walter Scott. The only caution I would give regarding this stone would be to avoid wearing/using it if you're going through an emotionally intense period, because opal intensifies emotions.

 Which are better, rough or tumbled stones?
There's no overall "better." When a stone forms into points and clusters, I prefer to use them because their energy has not been altered. Stones which don't usually appear in such formations, such as chrysocolla, malachite, and rhodochrosite, are often enhanced by being polished. Certainly, they are often more beautiful. When a stone is carved into a shape with particular meaning, i.e., spheres, eggs, pyramids, this can also heighten its power.

 What are birth stones?
A birth stone is believed to have a connection with an individual's astrological sun sign. However, I have seen dozens of different birth stone charts, all different.
I studied astrology and crystals for several years in order to come up with connections which made sense to me. For example, I linked citrine, a crystal related to self-esteem and self-empowerment with Virgo because Virgoans are often reluctant to assert themselves. In addition, Virgo rules the digestive system, and citrine is believed to be helpful in digestive upsets.

 What are the chakras?
Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras are spinning wheels of light found in the aura, an electromagnetic force field which surrounds every living being. The energy of the aura is that of our thoughts and feelings, and the chakras concentrate and coordinate the flow of these energies in and from the physical body.
Each chakra corresponds not only to a physical body point, but to areas of life, e.g., first chakra - survival, fourth chakra - love. When we have blockages, such as a fear about our ability to survive, this may result in a blockage of energy flow through that chakra.

 What do the shapes of crystals mean?
Whether a crystal's shape is natural or carved, there is usually some significance to it. A crystal cluster signifies individuals living in harmony. A sphere symbolizes perfection and completion; while an egg represents something new being created.

Crystal description and their properties
Amazonite: (blue-green): Calms mental and emotional chaos by helping one to blend facts with intuitive wisdom. Assists in courage of personal expression.
Amber: The "Happy" stone. Relieves depression. Rough stone unpolished.
Amethyst: Opens intuitive and psychic abilities. For overstress, overwork, overwhelm; helpful for addictions and nightmares; calms the mind, enabling us to know the peace which lies beyond constant mental activity; helps one accept the passage of death.
Ametrine: (yellow-purple) This stone is a mixture of amethyst and citrine, and helps us to combine our personal will with a deeper spirituality.
Angelite: (medium blue) Helps us to communicate with angels, spirit animals, and in distant communication. This stone also helps to heal anger.
Aqua Aura: Assists in self-expression through service to others (jewellery only).
Aquamarine: (light blue-green) Meaning sea water, this stone allows us to safely navigate the sea of infinite wisdom and to land safely and communicate what we've learned.
Aragonite: (honey): Helps to stabilize the emotions, especially good when one feels overwhelmed by responsibilities. Also helpful in calming the mind for meditation.
Aventurine: (green): Considered by many to be the best all-purpose healing stone, it is especially good for soothing the heart and emotions and for creating a feeling of balance and well-being.
Azurite: (dark blue): Helps us let go of old beliefs which cause physical and mental pain. Brings our subconscious thoughts into conscious awareness so that we can examine and, if necessary, change these thought patterns.
Bloodstone (green and red): Calms the mind in tense or threatening situations. Physically, is believed to detoxify the blood.

Blue Lace Agate: (light blue with white streaks): Helps us to express our views in a peaceful, loving manner.
Blue Topaz (light blue-green): it enables us to communicate powerfully what we are feeling. It is considered to be especially valuable for artists.
Clear Calcite: Brings spiritual understanding to problems on the earth plane.
Green Calcite Eases old, limiting beliefs (especially those based on fear) from the mind so that new ideas can flourish.
Golden Calcite Its particular role is to integrate new energies and beliefs into one's physical reality, i.e., daily life, relationships, business.
Pink Calcite Combines the attributes of rose quartz and pink tourmaline, blending unconditional self-love with the ability to love others.
Carnelian: (orange-red): Grounds energy and attention into the present, thus teaching us to focus and manifest personal power. Assists in decision making.
Celestite:(sky-blue): Helps us to experience peace and serenity, especially in our communications.
Charoite: (dark purple): Helps us to handle known fears and brings unknown fears to the surface for healing.
Chrysanthemum Stone: (black and white): Named for its resemblance to a flower, this crystal encourages the flowering of spiritual growth, supporting change which occurs in a harmonious way.
Chryscolla: (blue and green pattern): Creates a feeling of peace and balance; gives comfort to the heart and mind, and self-confidence in personal expression.


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