Monday, March 07, 2005

Things that Come and Go

This phenomena has been described as one of parapsychology's least understood and explored.
The term for this is JOTT(Just one of those things), a general term for discontinuities with time and place.
There appears to be six variants that can be termed as
Walkabout, where an object disappears from a known location and reappears in a new location.
Comeback, where an object disappears and later reappears in the same place.
Flyaway, where theobject disappears and never reappears.
Turn-up, where an object appears in a location where it could not have been before.
Windfall, where an object appears that has never been known before.
Trade-in, where an object disappears and is replaced with a similar object.
As with all case studies it is essential that there exists a clear perception and recollection of where the object had been before. The case is obviously strengthened by witnesses and requires that normal explanation is ruled out.
There have been numerous documented examples of this phenomenon and todate, as far as I am aware, science can provide no explanation.


TheBrightMorningstar said...

Thanks for the post, I knew I wasn't loosing my mind. Like I said before, I just laugh of the inconviences of "Comeback". Thanks

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