Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Paranormal Activities/Psychic Experiences

Did anyone listen to radio Wales over the beginning of the new year. If you did were you interested in the programme entitled "The Unseen" hosted by Phil Rickman? Haunting Break's Elizabet Zimmerman, psychic for the company, was interviewed regarding her "take" on ghosts and the unexplained. Any comments on that interview or generally?


haunter said...

I did hear your radio programme and was very interested in your comment about your experiences. Do you work as a professional psychic?

Elizabet said...

Dear Haunter,
I do work as a professional psychic, exclusively for Haunting Breaks.

esteban said...

sorry i missed it, but i have a question for you,if somone feels they have some psychic powers how do they now what they should do with them.And is it wrong to make money from it.

Elizabet said...

Dear Esteban,

Knowing what to do with any gift, especially a psychic gift is a difficult question to answer.

I believe that we are all blessed with psychic "powers" from birth. It is our nuturing and cultural background that dictates what becomes of it whilst we grow into adulthood.

My advise to you is that if you intuitively feel that this is something that you would like to develop then get in touch with a reputable organisation who are equipped to offer professional tutoring an support.
We are thinking of developing this side f our business but will not have courses designed until 2006.
The issue of accepting money for utilising psychic gifts is a personal issue.
A musician who is born with the gift of music will perhaps take a paid job utilising their personal gift.
Why shouldn't a gifted psychic take a paid job utilising psychic skills?
This subject matter is extremely complex and i have no time here to write about the nuances etc.
My last word is to advise individuals to look inside and to be true and honest with themselves.
Intuition plays a huge part in all our lives and is always there to be used!

Anonymous said...


Elizabet said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thankyou for taking the time to create such a well constructed and interesting post.It is refreshing to receive such a balanced view point!
I am not sure how you know that there are only a few people that possess a psychic gift. Presumabaly you are a member of a scientifically based group?
I am also perplexed as to your understanding of what Haunting Breaks offers. We are not in the business of charging for psychic services. We offer people the opportunity to explore the possibility of the existence of psychic phenomena and to enjoy themselves in a different environment. As to the comment regarding "hell", we make it a rule within this company to never discuss religion. That way, we try not to offend anyone. I suggest you think about that!

Debbie said...

Is your show ever going to be televisied? I would love to see your show! I watch Most Haunted and Taps, actaully any show that has anything to do with this! I worked in an Assisted Living place where we had these experiences. We were able to see orbs and misty areas that were unexplainable! It was great! We were able to see the Misty area when one of our residents were about to join the other side, there is always a lady that wears a bonnet and children and a gentleman who seems to always be with them, we even took the pictures. The residents are always talking to children, or hollering at them to settle down and stop jumping on their beds, even tho they are not seen by anyone, but the residents, we just feel they are there! It is a great experience! I myself have had the experiences working there and knowing that someone was "with" me and that I was not alone. We ended up researching the area and we found out that the place is built on an old burial ground from the 1900's. We were told that they were all moved but we know that they are with us and our residents!Seems as tho whenever we need them or our residents need them they are there making us laugh! When we feel as tho someone is with us we just talk to them. The children do sometimes have fun scaring us, slamming doors, laughing, that kind of stuff, or all of a sudden you can see the white mist at the end of the hall that goes by real fast, sometimes that can be a strange feeling. One of the worker's did take lots of pictures and in them you can see orbs and the white mist, it's great! I'd love to hear from anyone that has had these kind of experiences also.

Elizabet said...

Dear Debbie,
Great to hear about your experiences!
What a career you have - you not only get the chance to help other individuals but can combine that with witnessing paranormal events!
It is my personal belief that the young and the old allow their latent psychic abilities to shine through. They are able to do this because they are not concerned with self image and therefore don't carry any personal baggage around with them.
You are truly blessed to have been part of this community!
keep posting and bring us up to date with any new "happenings"
As to your question about the televisation of Haunting Breaks- watch this space- you never know!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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